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TESTIMONIALS from Government Executives who attended the 25th Anniversary of the Red Ribbon Rally
hosted by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, The United States Department of Justice
Across from the Pentagon on 10/19/10
TESTIMONIALS near the Statue of Liberty TESTIMONIALS & TV News Interviews

We, Are, Drug, Free!
Endorsed by D.A.R.E. International
#1 for A Partnership for A Drug Free America

Take A Stand
(Emmy Award for MTV and the United States Dept. of Education)

(At the Pentagon & California for the United States Young Marines)

Be G.R.E.A.T!
(For the United States Dept. of Justice/U.S. Marshall's)

(This song won first place for A Partnership For A Drug Free New Jersey in 2005)

I'm Different
(I'm Different because I do not do Drugs!)
(More are availble here)