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Mission Statement

Smart Trax Media strives to continue to be the premiere provider of
Positive Messages Through Music

for the young generation, peer to peer,
with contemporary "beats" loved by kids,
and messages loved by adults.
Schools and Community Groups LOVE
Smart Trax

Created by Prof. David Musial


Smart Trax was founded by Professor David Musial (with out realizing yet) in 1993 when the World Trade Center was bombed the first time. He was in a classroom at NYU teaching. He had just left some friends in the PATH subway station and they went to the WTC stop. They were underground when the bomb exploded. Fortunately, with minor injury, they survived. When David returned to his home and "SkyRoom Studios" that eve, the lights were all turned off for the Twin Towers. This seemed very weird, it was both strange and eerie. For years out of his bedroom window every night, he saw these powerful Towers aglow! David was inspired to write a poem about his feelings which evolved into a song. He titled it "EARTHQUAKE" because they made the Earth Quake when the bomb went off, they made the Twin Towers "shake" and they took MANY LIVES. It was recorded by teens and he was told to send it to the White House because the First Lady Hilary Clinton, was seeking musical works by young Americans that was related to anti-violence. Musial spoke with five agents in the White House and they all suggested that he sends a copy of the song. He did, and Prof. David Musial received a kind letter from President Clinton acknowledging the song. This led to the producing of the song "Spread Peace All Over The World". This was the "birth" of the awareness of Positive Message music and the seed which planted SMART TRAX!

(Professor Musial was chased by a gang in the inner city of Buffalo for two years between the ages of 11 & 13. He lived in a very challenging neighborhood, surrounded by slaughter houses and junk yards. They were ignorant beings who were jealous because he was playing music in the church his family attended, and was paid as a professional musician since the age of 10!)

Also in 1993, Musial composed the song "The Video King", which was inspired by a true story about an 11 year old boy from Hoboken, who was born with the ability to hear a "classical" song, and simply "play it!"His father said he had "a gift" and asked Musial to be his music teacher. His passion for also playing video games, made his parents terminate his ability to practice the piano. Long story, but the goodness of positive message music helped this family. The music video is on the Smart Trax Max DVD. (Between 1993 & 1998 Prof. Musial designed and taught courses in Music Technology at New York University & Stevens Institute of Technology. On his own time he created the concept of Smart Trax.)

In 1995 Musial composed the song "Skate Now" and "Skate Dance", which is related to safe recreation (and inspired the record company "Skate Dance"... SkateDance.com.) In 1995, Musial also produced a recording of the song "Spread Peace All Over The World' for "Drew's Famous" Turn Up The Music" records in the NYC area. It was used by the United Nations for the 50th Anniversary in the Grand Fireworks Ceremony.

In 1998 Prof. Musial was commissioned by the United States Department of Education, to create the theme song to a major anti-violence campaign for high school students in America. The project was guided by the National Center For Conflict Resolution Education (NCCRE)and funded by the Recording Industry Association of America, (RIAA). It went platinum on day one! It was titled "Fight For Your Rights: TAKE A STAND, Stop The Violence". The campaign earned an Emmy Award & a Silver Cindy Award for MTV. In 2000 Musial was invited by the United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration Buffalo, NY chapter, to create the theme song for their "Red Ribbon Rally" with 16,000 middle school children in attendance.  In 2004 it won first place for New Jersey Shouts Down Drugs contest, (this contest was inspired by Musial in 2000 when he met with the headquarters based in Hoboken.)

The "Smart-T-Jamboree"in 2000, invited Smart Trax to perform for 10,000 teens at the Garden State Art Center a.k.a. the PNC Bank Center. We were so well received; we were invited back in 2001 to the Smart-T-Jam in 2001 for 12,000 teens. Musial called the president of the National Center for Conflict Resolution Education, and she delivered 12,000 enhanced TAKE A STAND CD's and every teen went home with an Emmy Awarded amazing message disc, after they experienced Smart Trax LIVE! About an hour before the show, the Smart Trax team (the stars of the show) needed to go behind the arena to rehearse because the "Star" 2 story dressing room off stage left, was too small, and "the superstar rock band "Green Day" was scheduled to be in the room the next day, so it needed to be "pristine"... No problem, we went outside and rehearsed "We, Are, Drug, Free!' on the lawn with about 25 dancers. A school bus suddenly appeared, after making a wrong turn, trying to find the buss parking lot. Instantly the windows came down and many kids started shouting out the title "We, Are, Drug, Free!" They heard the song ONLY ONCE, the year before, and they recognized MJ Medina and the REMEMBERED the song! THE POWER OF MUSIC!

In 2001, David Musial "heard the first plane crash" in the World Trade Center from the window of his SkyRoom Studio across the river. One week before, an agent from D.A.R.E. America in Los Angeles asked him to record one more song for a ten song album he conceived for D.A.R.E., which was to be titled "DARE TRAX", featuring the dynamic Latino and amazing brother and sister musical act "MJ Medina". Musial wrote a reflection song titled "Earthquake" about the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing. First Lady Hillary Clinton was seeking musical art from teens related to Anti violence at the time. The recording of this version was sent to the White House and President Clinton sent David Musial a confirmation letter. This was the song DARE suggested that MJ Medina record. When Musial checked the studio schedule, 9/11/01 was "open", so he booked this date to record a song about the World Trade Center Bombing of 1993! At 8 AM on 9/11/01, David Musial was re-loading in the digital muli-track files from 1993, into his "Pro Tools" recording system preparing for a recording session later that afternoon. He had a video camera ready to record the vocal session. His father called from Buffalo around 8:40 AM to share the sad news that one of his Aunts passed away and he needed to come to Buffalo for a funeral. Suddenly David heard a weird "crash/crunch" - like sound. He said to his father, "Dad, hang on a sec, I need to go to my balcony and check something. All looked fine in Newport/Jersey City, BUT when he glanced at Manhattan, he noticed a "small" puff of smoke coming out of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Very Strange. David tried to call his Dad back, all circuits were busy and then many military showed up in front of his Hi-Rise next to the Holland Tunnel with Machine guns! (To protect the air intake vents for the Tunnel.) In between the two Towers collapsing David sang the song "Earthquake" on video, already assuming this was terrorism as he heard neighbors on the lower floors of his 35 story building, hanging out of their windows crying and screaming, as their loved ones were being murdered! With nothing else possible to do, David wrote a reflection titled "Brave New American Heroes". He started capturing video.

In January of 2002, Luis Medina, the father of Manny & Joy (MJ) Medina, who David managed from them years of 6 & 8, asked if David could set this song to Music so they could sing it at the Hoboken High School, for a counseling event. Many students in this school lost their parents on 9/11. David did, and MJ Medina along with Danilo Sobers, Biddy "Q" Valdez and Terrain Filmore (from Jersey City) and Aaron Sherwood (who played Sax and worked in the WTC and lost 65 associates) recorded the song. Between 9/11/01 and March 11/02 when the victory lights were propelled for the first time, Musial created an honorary Music Video for the song. (Musial shot one clip by Newark "Liberty" Airport where you see a Jet Plane flying over MJ, and Airport Police threatened to arrest Musial because they thought he was shooting video for "bin laden"! Ridiculous! This song, "Brave New American Heroes" has received the amazing honor of being inducted into the 9/11 World Trader Center Memorial and Prof. Musial received a letter from Mayor Bloomberg of NYC and from First Lady Laura Bush in the White House, honoring this artistic statement. VIDEO

From 2001-2003, Musial participated in a 17 city tour of the nation as the Music Director for the Manhattan Model Search Corporation. Musial discovered 13 new performers who joined the team and created "Smart Trax GENERATION II". One artist, Miss Ashley Avis, earned the title of "Miss Teen Model of the Universe" in 2003! David's friend Artie Regan, the creator/owner, (who's office building was also destroyed on 9/11 next to the Twin Towers) asked David to have Brave New American Heroes to be performed by Smart Trax Artists "MJ Medina". In 2002 he conceived and launched the Helping Hands Foundation "NEW YORK WILL NEVER FORGET" Walk-A-Thon" and "Brave New American Heroes" was performed live by MJ Medina at the commencement of the walk in Battery Park City and again at Ground Zero and then at the completion on the Great Lawn in Central Park!s

In 2002 Smart Trax continued to perform at a variety of venues in the NYC area but most importantly, the team gave FREE shows for several years for Camp Haze. This was a summer camp created in memory of a man who was murdered on 9/11 in the World Trade Center. He was going to make a free summer camp, and his family continued his dream and named it in honor of him. The camp was for any child who lost a loved one (mostly a parent) on 9/11. MJ Medina gave the first show and then in following years they came back with incredible members of Smart Trax Generation II. Daniel Drabik wrote a story about one of the biggest events.This helped him to earn two scholarships for college! (Dan went on to work for Good Morning America, Regis & Kelly & now "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, all hit shows on ABC TV, NYC.)

There were a multitude of shows at "D.A.R.E." Graduations between 2000 & 2005. In 2004 the director of "BuzzFreeProm.com" selected the Smart Trax Song "Everything's A Blur" by David Musial, featuring MJ Medina, as a theme on their web site. MADD shared that if they had a category for music videos, it would have won first place!

In 2005 Musial directed the music video for "The Streets Keep Calling" a song about the stupidity of even thinking about joining a "Gang"! While shooting one simple scene in Jersey City, under a dark viaduct with lots of graffiti near by, and broken glass (under the Jersey Turnpike exit into the Holland Tunnel), an area where gangs might frequent, he was threatened to be arrested by Port Authority Police! He was shooting a scene with Francesca Mazza (White Blonde Hair, 18, standing in the middle of a pubic street singing "You are gonna get caught, can't get away"! Her mom and Fox TV and Serious & XM personality David Webb were in the car 20 feet away. One cop had a gun in his right hand, another had handcuffs and told Musial not to speak unless he was asked to speak!!! They asked if he was a "terrorist" shooting video for "bin laden"! Ridiculous! Musial spoke and they realized how cool Smart Trax is and said it is against the law to shoot video her. Musial said he did not know, and he asked "where are the signs?" They said you could shoot video 8 blocks away and they release the Smart Trax team! Again... Ridiculous!

In 2006, the Young Marines National Executive Director presented David Musial a gold medal for "Excellence" in promoting Positive Message Through Music and hired him to produce a Smart Trax Show at the National Adult Leaders Conference. More shows were delivered in a variety of settings in 2007-2008. In 2008 the Smart Trax songs "Don't Go Away" and "Today Is The Day" produced by Musial, were selected to be part of the fund raising campaign for the Kirsten Brooks "HopeLine.com" Suicide Prevention Foundation based in Washington also known as "1-800-SUICIDE", (the foundation sells music to raise funds for their counselors.) 

In 2008 David Musial received a letter from Mayor Bloomberg of NYC and the White House, for the song he composed ON 9/11 as he heard and watched the Twin Towers collapse titled "Brave New American Heroes". The Smart Trax song and music video featuring MJ Medina from Hoboken, was inaugurated into the 9/11 Memorial Museum. In 2009 the United States Department of Justice invited Musial to create a theme for the Gang Resistance Education And Training program "G.R.E.A.T." presented by United States Marshall's and Musial created the song/music video "Be G.R.E.A.T." This song was viewed for the 20th Anniversary Convention in 2010. The Jersey Journal Newspaper invited Musial to compose a song about Jersey City, the closest City to the Statue of Liberty.  David composed the Smart Trax song about "Multiculturalism"... "The Amazing Lady Liberty", it earned the cover of the paper and hundreds of Jersey City School children participated in the making of this video. 

July 2009, Smart Trax Live was the feature act at the D.A.R.E. International convention by invitation, in Disney World.   Also in 2009 the Smart Trax song co-composed, produced by Musial and Smart Trax artist Brady Cudmore, "Impact", was performed in the "Hall of Heroes" in the Pentagon, while the Young Marines received the "Fulcrum Shield" award for Substance Abuse education.  D.A.R.E.

In the Spring of 2009, the Jersey City Bsoard of Education and the United States Department of Defense and Musial to compose a song and produce a video for the "Gang Resistance And Education Program" directed by the United States Marshall's. He did, it is titled "Be G.R.E.A.T!" . This venture introduces Smart Trax GENERATION III artistsArtist Brady Cudmore, Abby Rivera and Londell Wilson who performed in the Video and at the premier at a "GREAT" Graduation in Jersey City, with dignitaries from the government in Washington present. The responses from officials were impressive.

DARE International endorsed Smart Trax in January 2010, National Scholastic approved Smart Trax in the Spring of 2010 and iTunes the largest Music store in the world, offered Smart Trax a corporate partnership.

In September 2010, the Jersey City Board of Education asked David to create a song to maybe help discourage "at risk" student to NOT drop out of school.  He composed "Ask Yourself Why". This song is done, a music video is in-the-works. The Board of Education is giving him singers and dancers and will premiere this project at a conference for 2000 students in 2011.  On 10/19/10 Musial produced the award winning Smart Trax Show for the United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration 25th Anniversary of the "Red Ribbon Rally".

Musial has created a "Smart Trax School" which will feature the "Next Generation Stars" curriculum, and may be franchised internationally to promote the development of future Smart Trax Stars and Songs/Videos/Shows.  Currently a book is 'in-the-works", which may evolve into a film, about the creative life of David Musial, by journalist Evelyn Bonilla and Debbie Binder.

Smart Trax represents over 30 artists and 30 songs/music videos and many producers, supervised bythe founder David Musial. Smart Trax is planning to expand World-Wide in th near future.

The Music Videos may be previewed at SmartTraxMedia.com under "Video"


Comments, Testimonials & Fan Mail

David Musial & Smart Trax is taking
New Jersey by Storm!
Evelyn Bonilla, River
View Reporter, 6/5/09


Manny Medina scores perfect 10 on MTV

These two singers (Brady & Christina) came in and they were OUTSTANDING, they

I look forward to seeing them at our next graduation.

Pat Higgins, United States Marshal's Service
"GREAT" Graduation, Jersey City 6/5/09


Brady Cudmore is a "Teen Sensation"
Buffalo News, June 2009


"It was great having Smart Trax here"
It was not the 'typical' show the D.E.A. has. The energy and enthusiam
they brought for the passion that they have for their performance, GOT to the people!
Eric Akers, Head of the Demand Reduction Office
2010 National Convention for the Red Ribbon Rally
Drug Enforcement Administration
United States Department of Justice
by the PENTAGON"

They were the highlight of the program,
Brady Cudmore and Christina Kapushy

Perry Cecchini, Director, "G.R.E.A.T" Program, Jersey City 6/5/09
(Gang Resistance Education & Training)


Nice clean cut kids that help you make a better life for yourselves!
I can hand out some of your cards and shed light on what an
outstanding program both Brady and Christina
presented at our school.

Vasiliki Lempesis, Ass’t. Principal

(A message to Brady's parents "Timmy & Faye)
Your child did AWESOME today, he was unbelievable,
he embodied what we are trying to do with our youth,
he was GREAT!
Dennis,United States Marshal's Service,
"GREAT" Graduation, Jersey City 6/5/09

Brady & Christina you were great working with the kids,
phenomenal, incredible!

Officer Bill, Middle School #4, Jersey City, 6/5/09

You (Brady & Christina)
"Were wonderful!"

Principal Wallace DiFilippo, Middle School 24, Jersey City, 6/5/09

Brady you rock!!!!
You came to my school today and I think your performance was amazing!
I really wanted a poster but didn't get one I think you are awesome.
In you I see great potential and
when I grow up I want to be just like you.

You rock my world.
I hope you do become a star and achieve your dream!
6/5/09 Jersey City "G.R.E.A.T" show (Brainychick email via YouTube)

I have to agree that
-audience as well as performers. I am glad we had the opportunity to have such a good experience.
Maryann C. Hammer, Associate Superintendent Division A, Jersey City Board Of Education
MS #24 Jersey City, 6/2/09

Thank you for the
fine performance at our school
on June 3, 2009 by Brady Cudmore.
Deborah Spitaletta, MS #24 Jersey City, 6/2/09

"I have NEW FRIENDS in Smart Trax!"
Col. Michael Kessler, National Executive Director, The Young Marines

Col. Joseph Bles, Inspector General, The Young Marines

"Thank you for your assistance and commitment to making the
2009 D.A.R.E. Spring Training Conference a
received from the conference participants was largely due to your dedication,
knowledge and ENTHUSIAM. We were fortunate to have you and your students
(BRADY & CHRISTINA) as performers at the conference and
look forward to continuing the effort to help children live
Nicholas R. DeMauro
Chairman & CEO
New Jersey, Inc.

The "BuzzFreeProm.com organization associated with MADD invited MJ Medina to perform "Everything's A Blur", "Take A Stand" and 'We, Are, Drug, Free!" at events in Dallas and Chicago in the Spring. Clear Channel Radio Stations, KISS FM were to be involved and possibly Miss Teen America. Smart Tab is currently exploring a 10 city tour.

MJ Medina win the  award for song of the year - "We, Are, Drug, Free!" for "A Partnership For A Drug Free New Jersey' sponsored by the United Way. Then they were honored to perform at the National Conference in New York City for A Partnership For A Drug Free America!

MJ's performance for 16,000 middle school children at the the Red Ribbon Rally, proved that their message was clear, effective and extremely contemporary, because the massive crowd immediately began to proclaim We, Are, Drug, Free!  With MJ, indirectly realizing the power of the message from "peer to peer". Bonnie Swanson, Director, Buffalo, NY

"On behalf of the LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER (across from the Statue of Liberty), I am extending our sincerest thanks for performances well done by MJ Medina, April 6th & April 7th (2002) for the United Nations Global Health Fair. The reception and feedback since the performances have all been excellent. The positive messages of health, self-awareness and anti-violence that MJ Medina sent through their songs fit perfectly with the goals of that weekend. I must also note that the values of inspiring excitement and awe are ones that Liberty Science Center shares with MJ Medina. Congratulations on a successful run, that left an UNFORGETTABLE IMPRESSION on Liberty Science Center! Maura B. Thompson, Science & Arts Coordinator, LSC.

"I knew right away that they were a hit when I saw MJ in Atlantic City! MJ's performance was incredible, motivating & exciting!", D.A.R.E. Officer Joe Drossel, Sparta, NJ.

"Amazing, please come back next year", Detective Jerry Hamlin, Director: SMART-T Jam against drugs, violence and alcohol abuse. 11,000 kids.

"MJ were one of the best groups I have ever seen, they are unbelievable, fantastic, their songs are pro-children!", D.A.R.E. Officer Joe

"MJ are HEROES in their own time because of the words & messages in their music",,, Scott Collins, President, "Legends & Heroes", clothing company.

"MJ were absolutely fabulous, the crowd was really into it", Director, Kid Skate 2000,a drug rehabilitation event.

"Pop with a Point, the Latin 'Donnie & Marie''--only hip!... you immediately sense that brother & sister compliment each other. Manny looks like the romantic hero... Joy seems the romantic heroine". Beth Kissinger, The Jersey Journal.

"MJ are the pride of the Latino musical youth community, I love you!", Melinda Esquibel, FOX Family TV.

"MJ are very big with young teens with an important message and are at one with them ", Scott Levin, Victoria Hong, NBC TV.

"Incredibly fun, well prepared, a sensation", Drew Kahn & Linda Pelagrino, AM Buffalo, ABC TV

"A Singing & Dancing Sensation" Giovanny Blanco, L.A. TV Live Hollywood

"Music Marvels, a dynamic team" , UPN9 News, NYC "MJ talk to people in their own language", Tom Fitzgerald, Jersey's Talking TV Show

"Outstanding Work, your having a dream come true like 'Springstein' or 'Ricky Martin'", Rob Lucas, DJ, STAR 102.5 FM

"I never had such professionalism, MJ never missed a beat (when a mic failed), I can work with these 'cats' forever", Todd Wilson, Professional Live Sound Engineer at a D.A.R.E. event.

"They were the bomb", D.A.R.E student "Schenee" in Asbury Park, NJ.

"MJ are beautiful young Latino talent, great job!" Santiago Douglas, Star of the movie "Girl Fight" , FOX TV Latin Image Award winner & actor on the "Sopranos"

"They were awesome, I loved it",, D.A.R.E. Student & break dancer, West Seneca, NY

"I liked all of MJ songs", D.A.R.E. Students, Depew, NY.

"Brother & Sister riding musical talent to stardom", Sally Deering, The Jersey Journal

"Manny & Joy are wonderful performers, they are beautiful people inside and out, they are sincere!", Music Teacher, Sweet Home Middle School, Williamsville, NY.

"MJ will soon be the best young band in America, you all watch!" (email from "Froggy" after the SMART-T Jam.)

"One day this will be the premiere rap, if you can please here, you can please anywhere", D.A.R.E. Officer Bruce Norman, Asbury Park, NJ

Now it's time for you to find out why all of these people love Smart Trax!

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